On a Brighter Note…

I am happy to report that this post will not be nearly as somber as the last one. It’s Day 10 after the surgery, and Greta seems to be improving. She had a check-up on Day 8 and the vet says the fluid is way down and the scar is healing very nicely. They changed her dressing, which is now a very flattering forest green color, and she is still sporting her lovely drain. I am hoping that all goes well over the weekend and she can have it removed on Tuesday. Her pain seems to be much more manageable and she is sleeping through the night again for the most part. She still seems incredibly out of it and whiny at times, so I spent some time reading about the side effects of the drugs she is on, and it’s no wonder she is acting so loopy. My biggest concern, aside from the pain, has been the fact that she is so agitated and spacy, but apparently the pain patch on her foot is known to cause that. I am hoping to continue to see improvements over the next couple days so we can stop pumping her full of drugs. Then maybe by early next week, we will see some of her wonderful personality return.

I’ll update more after the weekend and will leave this post with a picture of Greta hiding from the hose as I was watering the plants today. 🙂

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