The Things We Do

THIS might be one of the saddest things I have ever seen. The picture + title are enough to bring on the tears and don’t even get me started on the comments. Proceed with caution – you will cry.

Greta has been with me almost two years now, and it is unbelievable how quickly and strongly the bond forms. It is a bond that is hard to explain to those who have never had their own pet, but clearly felt by all those commenting on the link I posted above. When I first learned that Greta had one of two types of aggressive cancer – blood or bone – I was devastated. A very dear friend, also a new dog owner, was headed to Milwaukee on a business trip and staying at the Iron Horse – a dog-friendly hotel. She extended the offer to put Greta and I up with her in the hotel, all I had to do was drive up there to meet her. The things we do for our dogs.

Greta had her name written on a special ‘Welcome’ chalkboard in the lobby and had a doggy-bag of goodies waiting for her in the room. She even had her own bed – however she preferred to share one of the Queen-size beds instead. Dog guests at the Iron Horse have their own room service menu consisting of a hamburger, chicken or filet. I asked Greta her preference, and she said steak all the way –  Medium Rare, please. I’m not sure what we were expecting, but both my friend and I were shocked when a pretty serious piece of meat was delivered to the door – a petit 6 oz filet. See photo below. They didn’t bring any utensils (why would they, I guess) so when I gave Greta access to the meat, she grabbed it and ran! I’m pretty sure she would have tried to swallow it in one bite, so I had to retrieve it out of her mouth and pull it into small pieces for her. I have never seen a smile so big in my life. The things we do for our dogs.

Greta & her filet

After Greta’s meal, my friend and I went down to the restaurant in the hotel and had dinner – nothing nearly as extravagant as a filet. On our way back up to the room, we ran into a woman who was there with her husband. They were from Chicago as well and came up for ‘bike night’ (the Iron Horse is a huge motorcycle hotel if you couldn’t gather from the name). We told her we had our dog in the room, and she just had to come in to meet her. She fell in love and begged us to bring Greta down to the bar to meet her husband and friends. So, we took her down to the bar where she had a few sips of beer and mingled with all the guests, including a group of girls out for a birthday. I overheard one say ‘A pit bull drinking beer at a bar. Only in Milwaukee!’ The things we do for our dogs.

We finally went back up to the room, where Greta promptly passed out in one of the beds. I watched her sleep and realized how much of what we do for our dogs is for us – not them. While she had a blast at the hotel, I know she would be content doing anything as long as she is with people who love her. I don’t know how much time we have left together, but my mind is at ease knowing that she has experienced true happiness, not just once but a million times over, because of me.

Before we left the room in the morning, I couldn’t resist a mini-photo shoot. The things we do for ourselves. 🙂

G & her doggy bag

G with the robes

G on the bed

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4 Responses to The Things We Do

  1. Jessica says:

    Shes a beautiful dog & lucky to have someone that takes such great care of her!!! We have two pit mixes that we adopted from HAWS. They are the most loving, gentle dogs I’ve ever owned 🙂

  2. Lori Ann says:

    Beautiful blog. As someone who does rat terrier rescue, and who specializes in the badly injured, I’ve yet to encounter a dog who a) feels sorry for themselves because of a disability or b) knows they are different. Did Joee know her legs weren’t supposed to be completely folded over? Nope. Did she know that there was anything odd about 6 months of surgery to fix those legs? Nope. All that mattered was that someone loved her enough to help her run without pain. Did Haydn care that she would carry that horrible burn scar for the rest of her life after someone burned her with a blow torch? Nope. All she cared about was that someone gave her pain meds and put that burn cream on her and talked sweetly to her during the months it took to heal her open wounds.

    Both of those dogs have amazing homes, just like yours. They are incredibly happy and loved so much and neither dog cares or thinks about their old life. All that Greta cares about is that she is loved and happy. She won’t think about that missing leg, she won’t dwell on it. I have always said that animals teach us so much more than we teach them. Love and licks to you and Greta.

    • 3legs2ndcity says:

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Lori Ann! Greta is getting better with each passing day, and it is so great to see her personality returning. I am sure she will forget the pain and suffering of those couple weeks much faster than i will (if she hasn’t already). It’s amazing the way dogs can do that.

      I sincerely appreciate your positive message. also, thank you for all you do to help these animals.

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