Final Post-Surgery Check Up

Greta had her last post-surgery check up today, and everything went great. The vet is very happy with her progress and the healing of the drain site. She no longer has to wear the colorful bandages, which she loves, but I have to admit she looks a little naked after three weeks of wearing them. She is all finished with her visits to the surgery department at the Chicago Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center. A few of the girls that helped take care of Greta were pretty sad that they wouldn’t get to see her anymore, so I gave them the link to her blog so they could check in on her. (If any of you are reading this, thank you so much for taking such good care of my baby!)

After we left the vet, we swung by Liz’s Pet Shop to talk to her about diet and supplements. Every vet that I have talked to after finding out about the Hemangiosarcoma has said the same thing – NO CARBS – the cancer cells feed off of carbohydrates. First thing out of Liz’s mouth when we walked in the door was “Just so you know, I will not sell you ANYTHING with carbs in it. You have to go raw…just protein and fat” She knows her stuff. I told her I trusted her to pick out her food and supplements, so she set us up with raw food medallions (bison this time around), Pet Kelp (over 70 minerals, vitamins and nutrients) and Grizzly Salmon Oil (she said this would help with overall health and any inflammation). She said we can change these up as time goes on so Greta doesn’t get bored and to introduce some additional benefits down the road.

Will end this post with some pictures – her last picture in the bandage and then all bandage and medicine free!

Last pic with her pink bandage

Ride home from the vet

Chillin on the front stoop

Tired from all the excitement of the day

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