Day 25 & Feeling Fine

It’s Day 25 after the surgery, and I couldn’t be happier with how things are going with Greta. She is about 95% back to her old self…only the very occasional whimper of pain or discomfort. We are now walking every day – at least one 15 minute walk, sometimes two depending on her energy level. She is running and playing again and has figured out how to shake and high-five with only one front leg. I am even thinking that before this week is over, she may be ready for a short doggy playdate with one of her boyfriends – I’m sure Oscar, Logan and Nikko will be thrilled to hear this.

One interesting thing I have noticed on our walks now is that instead of a fair number of people staying away or crossing the street to avoid ‘the scary pit bull’, now the general consensus seems to be “Oh my God…she is SO cute!” Always interesting to watch perception change when reality is still the same.

As usual, I’ll leave you with some photos.

my favorite picture yet

favorite pastime - looking out the window

so cozy 🙂

back to her old tricks...

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One Response to Day 25 & Feeling Fine

  1. aunt kris says:

    Yeah!! Glad things are going better. She even looks happier & like her old self….

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