The Three Amigos

It’s been just over a month, and I’d say Greta is 110%! She is so happy to be without pain and doesn’t notice a bit that she is a little ‘different’ than the other dogs. After finally getting through the initial struggle, I definitely feel like the amputation surgery was the right way to go. Thank goodness!

Miss Greta recently had her first two playdates with two of her best buds, Logan and Oscar, who had been waiting very patiently for her to heal. They were all very excited to see each other and Greta did such a great job with them (other than getting over-excited and peeing on my rug). Her stamina was obviously down a little from months of taking it easy, but any time she got a little worn out, she would just hide under the table for a few minutes. Soon after, she was back in the middle of the action. I can’t even explain in words how happy it made me to see her playing and having fun again.

I took a bunch of pictures, but this first one is how most of mine turned out. It’s hard to keep three very excited pups calm enough to snap photos.

Using treats at least gets them all to sit still for a minute:

After about two hours of playing, Greta was officially done. Oscar still wasn’t sure….

The second playdate was just Oscar and Greta over at Oscar’s pad. His guardian Josh was nice enough to send me some pictures of them, as I wasn’t there. They make a very cute couple, eh?

Greta, forever an alpha, goes in for a smooch:

Doesn’t Oscar have the cutest ears ever?

Until next time…

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