Super Levi Needs His X-Ray Vision

I recently had the joy of meeting a wonderful little pittie named Levi (or Super Levi, as many like to call him).

He is currently in a foster home with his foster brother and sister, the famous Miss M and Mr. B, whom you may recognize from their blog – Two Pitties in the City. His foster parents recently found out that Levi has a congenital eye condition that will effect his vision in the near future. He is not currently in any pain, and he does not have any vision loss at this time, but left untreated he will lose vision in the future. Sad news, especially since he is so young.

ALAS, there is good news for this little guy. There is a corrective surgery that will make him as good as new. The bad part: this surgery will cost about $2,700 (at discount). His foster parents and New Leash on Life Animal Rescue are making sure this is taken care of before he is put in his forever home, but he needs your help to raise the money for his surgery.

In order to raise the money, New Leash on Life and Two Pitties in the City have organized a renegade, Superhero-themed walk for Levi the weekend of November 12, plus an online raffle with some really amazing prizes. More details to come on the walk soon, but in the meantime, there are several ways you can help, whether in the Chicago area or out of town. They even made their own limited edition T-shirts and dog bandannas, based on these photos:

All of the details to donate, buy t-shirts, participate in the walk and buy raffle tickets are listed HERE on Two Pitties in the City. If you have questions, please let me know. Thanks in advance for your support!

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