Almost Cone-Free!

Well it hasn’t been the easiest couple weeks having an active and semi-clumsy pit bull running around with a huge cone sticking off his head, especially since Greta will hardly come near him when he is wearing it (unless trying to pull it off to set him free), and I couldn’t take him on his normal walks to exercise him.

To get us through the first couple cone-filled weeks, I bought Levi a couple puzzles and activities to keep him busy and wear him out – one a big wooden puzzle with treats hidden inside and the other a ball filled with treats. Unfortunately for him, I failed to realize that he wouldn’t have any hand/eye coordination to master the puzzle and it was hard for him to control the ball as well. On the bright side, Greta LOVED both of the games and the treat ball occupied her for – literally – hours at a time. So when her energy was up, it was a great distraction to keep her from trying to rip Levi’s cone off.

For any of you looking for things to occupy your pups on those snowy and rainy days this winter/spring, I highly recommend both – IQ Treat Ball and Seek-a-Treat Puzzle.

Thankfully, Levi wasn’t too upset that he couldn’t play with them and at his last check-up, we were given the ok to start taking the cone off when we were home with him. He is now going on walks again and even able to play with Greta – as long as we keep an eye on them. Needless to say, he and Greta were both thrilled with this news, as you can see from this video below.

Levi after his first walk without his cone in two weeks

Levi even joined the SociaBulls this morning for his first walk after his surgery in Logan Square. After a few weeks without much socializing and no walks, I can see it will take a little while to get back into the swing of things. But that’s ok because now that the surgery and recovery are almost over, I am excited to get him some proper training!


Levi’s next check-up is on Wednesday, and we are hoping we get the a-ok to get rid of that cone for good!

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5 Responses to Almost Cone-Free!

  1. I love your atmospheric photos!
    I was actually thinking about Levi today, and I have a theory. Back when I was in high school, I used to volunteer at a nursing home. There was one man who was so quiet and all day he would just sit in the front. Then one day…he got glasses. All of a sudden this quiet guy was wheeling around, checking out all the ladies, and talking to everyone. I wonder if this is the same with SuperLevi. Maybe with his vision fixed everything is so exciting and overstimulating? In our group photo, I only have the end result of when Levi rolled down the stairs. Glad he is feeling better! I’ve always wanted to check out those puzzles.

    • 3legs2ndcity says:

      George and I love your theory! I felt bad that we left so abruptly, as he was a little out of control, but this theory makes perfect sense! Now, for some reason I can’t help but picture Levi rolling around in a wheelchair. 🙂 Hopefully over time he becomes used to his over-heightened sense of sight and calms his little butt down, but I am so glad he is feeling better. He and Greta are happy as clams again.

  2. Two Grads says:

    Those puzzles look awesome! I think that Levi is experiencing a whole new world. Im excited for him, and you!

  3. Alana says:

    So great to hear Levi is recovering and getting back to his cheerful self 🙂 I wear his super hero t-shirt every few weeks and it always gives me something to smile about all day 🙂 Hugs from Kansas City, MO!

  4. Roo says:

    So good to hear Levi is doing so well and the cone is almost done 😀

    Yap, I’m bettin he is gettin a bit overstimulated. It’s a good thing 🙂 And some training will definitely help make it a great thing for everyone else too 🙂

    Waggin at ya,

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