Levi Does Division

Greta has many, many wonderful qualities – she’s smart, intuitive, a master fetcher, a problem solver, a terrific cuddler – the list goes on. But one thing she lacks is the ability to relax around all types of people and in any scenario. She thinks too much and feeds off of different energy types, and this often gets her into trouble. Because of this, she has never been a great festival or outdoor patio dog.

When we decided to add a 2nd pittie to the household, I had a specific dog in mind. A fun-loving, care-free, silly and relaxed type. One who would be up for anything and not get too worked up with a lot of stimuli. Enter Levi – our perfect summer dog. We’ve taken him to many patios and parks over the last 8 months, but Do Division was our first major festival. And what a success it was! He was the perfect gentleman…and quite the ladies man.

Enjoy some photos of Levi’s first Chicago street festival with us.






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2 Responses to Levi Does Division

  1. I’ve been waiting to see these photos, and of course Levi does not disappoint. Love the hat, and the photo of them waiting to pounce!

  2. 2 Punk Dogs says:

    He’s SuperLevi for sure!

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