A Super Levi Sized Update

Hi everybody! Super Levi here. Mom gave me special computer privileges tonight, even though it’s after my bed time, because she thought I should be the one to share the terrific news with you.

Today pretty much started like any other day, but when Mom snuck me out into the foyer to put my leash on, I knew we were taking a little trip without my sister. Now, I was pretty excited because sometimes Mom takes me to see my friends in one of the parks around town and we go for a nice long walk. So when we pulled up to the building with all the people in green outfits, I was a little disappointed. While they are all nice and everything, they usually wanna poke around on me and shine really bright lights in my eyes.

This visit was no different, but at the end I heard the nice lady tell Mom that everything looked super good and we didn’t have to come back for another visit for a whole year! Even though I usually get a few extra treats, this news was just fine with me. Seems like my x-ray vision has been almost fully restored, so I guess I’ll be getting back to my life of fighting crime.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me, especially those two really nice people I lived with for a while, E and A. Did I tell you I ran into them a couple weeks ago? I didn’t get to see Miss M or Mr. B, but A took these really cute pictures of me and some of my friends at the Ruff House Halloween Party and Parade. (Find the rest of the photos from that day HERE on the Two Pitties in the City Blog).

And while I have your attention, I’ll share a couple photos that Mom has taken of me and my sister lately. ImageImage






Ok, even super dogs need their rest. Night night everybody.

Super Levi

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1 Response to A Super Levi Sized Update

  1. Such great news SuperLevi! It has been so great seeing you, and we still can’t get enough of these photos (Especially loving your ears in the devil outfit, and your flying pose on the bed).

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