This page is dedicated to Greta and her fight against Hemangiocarcoma (cancer of the blood stream.) Greta is a 2.5 year old rescue pit bull from St. Louis. I rescued her from a wonderful organization called Stray Rescue St. Louis on Christmas 2009. She lives with me in the Ukrainian Village area of Chicago. In November of 2010, Greta started limping on her left front leg. After numerous visits to the vet, several x-rays and a biopsy, Greta’s vet still could not identify the problem. After several months of anti-inflammatory meds and rest, the limp just suddenly went away. She was pain free for about 4 months, then all of the sudden it showed up again. This time the pain wouldn’t subside and she had a hard lump developing on her shoulder. More x-rays and a bone and mass biopsy confirmed our worst fears – Greta was diagnosed with Hemangiocarcoma in August 2011. This is a very aggressive and rare cancer of the blood found only in dogs. The most common and dangerous form shows up in the spleen or heart. In Greta’s case, it showed up as a large tumor next to her left shoulder blade. After consulting with an Oncologist and listening/researching all options, amputation seemed like the best possible option in order for Greta to live the rest of her days pain free and happy. This blog will be my way of updating friends and family on her condition and documenting her battle against cancer.


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  1. Thinking of you, Greta. You’re a tough little lady and will be great tomorrow. Lots of positive energy your way. xo, Laurie

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