Levi Update!

Howdy Everyone –

Just wanted to give you a little update on my situation. So things have definitely improved; no more crying and whining. I’m not making excuses for myself but that really was not my fault. You guys know me…I’m no baby…I really think it had to do with the ‘medicine’ they gave me. That was some funky stuff.

Anyway, I’m feelin much better. I told Mom it would probably be ok to remove this stupid hat but she isn’t buying it. I figured out how to grab my bone and carry it around, but I’m still trying to figure out how to chew on it. I can eat and drink with it on and even lick snow from the back patio while keeping it from getting in my eyes, which is coming in handy during this big snow!

The only real complaint I have is that Greta is terrified of me. I keep trying to go hang with her and she just runs away. She is making me feel a little self-conscious, but I’m trying to stop running into her so much so I think she’ll come around. Oh and my eye is pretty itchy and I can’t get to it because of the hat…so that’s kind of a bummer.

Well, I just wanted wanted to tell you things are looking up and I really appreciate all the licks, sniffs, scratches, well wishes and thoughts that you guys are sending my way.

Your buddy –


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On the Road to Recovery

Hi friends –

Just a quick update for you all…Mom said she wrote a really long one while laying in bed last night night but fell asleep with her phone in her hand and didn’t save it. What a dummy. 🙂

After my ‘procedures’ yesterday, Mom came to get me and I heard her talking to the lady they call ‘Doctor’. She said something about my lens ‘disintegrating’ during surgery which sounds pretty terrible…but I guess all that really means is that I’m going to be far-sighted. Mom sounded concerned about this, but I assured her that a super dog only needs to be far-sighted to use his x-ray vision. That made her feel better. Other than that, the Doctor said everything went well.

Now, as far as how I’m feeling, I am not going to sugar coat it. I am in pure misery here. Not only can I barely open my eye but I have to wear this really ridiculous hat. They keep calling it a comfy cone…but let me tell ya something, there is nothing comfy about this thing. In fact, it’s kind of mortifying. I haven’t quite figured out how to steer it properly yet, so I am running into things left and right…and I can’t even figure out a way to chew on my favorite Kong.

Last night I felt all funky and loopy and not very much like my normal Super Levi self…I kind of remember laying on the floor and crying and crying until finally Mom put me on her lap. That made me feel so much better and I finally got some rest. I even got to sleep in the big comfy bed, which never happens, so I slept extra good.

Today, I’m back at this place again for my first ‘check-up’ and the Doctor says everything looks good. She put more of those wet things in my eyes and cleaned up all the goopy stuff that’s been coming out of it. I even got to ride the elevator table up and down, which I love.  Ya know…she is really nice, but I was glad to hear her say that we don’t have to come back until next week.

Well, Mom says it’s time to head back home and I’m thinking a nap with my sister sounds pretty good. I’ll keep you posted in the next couple days and let you know if I figure out a way to chew my Kong.

Your buddy –


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Levi’s Quest for Vision Continues…

Well, today is THE day. At least that’s what Mom said when we woke up this morning. I knew something had to be up because we were up at 7am…and that never happens. We also didn’t go through our normal morning routine…my sister Greta got to jump in the warm bed with the big guy and Mom took me straight out into the rainy cold without my breakfast. I couldn’t believe it.

As we were driving along, Mom told me that today was going to be a tough day for me but she knew I would be a good boy. She promised the nice people we were going to see would take very good care of me. She also promised I could have an extra big dinner tonight and play with some new ‘puzzles’ she got me if I felt up to it. I don’t know what a puzzle is but it must be good because she sounded excited.

When we got to the big building, I recognized it right away. This time was different though because Mom left without me. I tried to put on a brave face as she said bye but I was feeling pretty nervous because the big guy in the funny pants was saying words like ‘procedure’ and ‘laser’ and a few other words I’d never even heard of. I have a general rule of thumb…the more syllables a word has…the worse it is.

Anyway, I know many of you have been asking about me so I just wanted to give you an update. I’ll be back later after Mom comes back to get me and I finally get my gigantic dinner.

Your buddy-



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Sharing the Street with Pit Bulls

George and I were cuddled up with our two snuggly pit bulls last week when we saw the news coverage of the jogger that was critically injured in an attack by two pit bulls in south Chicago. My heart sank into the pit of my stomach, and I remember saying “Well, here we go.”

It breaks my heart any time I see that a human is injured in a dog attack (whatever the breed may be), especially since it is generally blamed solely on the ‘vicious animal’ with very little blame placed on the irresponsible owner. I knew what was coming…days/weeks of pit bull bashing, threats of a city-wide breed ban, and a bunch of uninformed people spouting off erroneous information about a breed that they know very little about.

What I wasn’t necessarily expecting was how quickly our walking club, the SociaBulls, would spring into action and start figuring out how to combat the negative press this event would receive, and above all, how we could highlight the importance of responsible pet ownership. I am thrilled with the way everyone came together and secured a visit from the Chicago Tribune this past Sunday for our walk in Hyde Park.

You can read the fantastic story from the Tribune HERE. Super kudos to the Two Pitties in the City folks (who posted a bunch of great pictures from Sunday) and the rest of the SociaBulls club members for pulling it all together. I am continuously impressed by the well-behaved pit bulls and responsible and diverse owners I meet through the SociaBulls club, and I am grateful that the Tribune took the time to show them in such a positive light.

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Merry Christmas, from G & L

Christmas with two kids has been twice the fun. Both Greta and Levi are having a great time at their Yia Yia’s house in St. Louis.

The trip started with a 5 hour car ride. I already knew that Greta is a perfect passenger, but Levi hasn’t traveled more than a few miles with us yet. He did so well, and both dogs curled up in the back seat (Levi on top of Greta, of course) and didn’t make a peep for most of the ride. When they were awake, Levi insisted on smooshing Greta into the very corner of the seat.

When we were about halfway through the trip, I ran inside a gas station, and Levi made it very apparent that he was ready to do his share of the driving.

Yesterday, we took a walk through my small hometown and I enjoyed pointing out some of my childhood haunts. I even got them to sit still for a moment to take a few pictures in front of my old grade school and at the park on the playground.


Other than that, the pups have just been relaxing, playing with their new toys and bones, and watching out for falling scraps in the kitchen. They also take advantage of any cozy laps open to grab a quick snooze.

Merry Christmas…we hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Holiday!

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Fitting In – In Photos – Pt 2

Levi and Greta weren’t quite sure that you guys understood how much they love each other already, so they asked that I post a few more pics. As you will note, they are at the stage in their relationship where Greta uses Levi as an armchair, and in return, if Greta is occupying a lap that Levi wants, he just sits directly on her head.

Crazy kids.







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Fitting In – In Photos

It’s been about a month since Levi has joined our family, and the most common question I’ve been hearing is “How is he fitting in?

Rather than explain it in words, I figured a few photos might do better justice.






He seems to be adjusting ok…what do you think?

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