The Start of Spring – in photos

Well…spring has sprung early and boy are my two kids excited. We are having a fantastic time with this amazing 70-80 degree March and making sure not to take it for granted.


Levi was digging the 80+ degree SociaBulls walk in Logan Square, as were most of the dogs. The weather was so nice that the neighborhood was crawling with people and dogs, and all the SociaBully’s did an excellent job keeping their concentration.




At the next SociaBulls walk in Humboldt Park, it wasn’t quite as lovely out…we were back on the earlier Summer hours and there was a strange fog lifting off the city from the night before. Levi spent most of the walk looking like he wanted to go back to bed.


I, on the other hand, really enjoyed the walk as Humboldt Park is one of my favorite places in the city to walk. It reminds of my first year living in Chicago…I was unemployed and broke, so I spent a lot of time walking around Humboldt Park taking pictures.



Other than that, we’ve just been spending a lot of time playing with ropes and balls in the backyard, as well as going on lots of neighborhood walks and jogs. A few pics of Levi & Greta enjoying Spring 2012 so far:



The best part of this early Spring? All the heightened activity and excitement leaves the dogs exhausted and happy at the end of the day.


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4 Responses to The Start of Spring – in photos

  1. Brett says:

    The last four pictures are some of the most adorable I’ve ever seen! ❤

  2. Two Grads says:

    They are so in love with each other! I love it!

  3. Emily says:

    So many pictures I love in this post! Greta’s smile, Levi looking like he’s not loving the walk and many more. Such a great match!

  4. Ok…Levi has to be the Benjamin Buttons of dogs. Every picture I feel like he looks younger and younger. Love the obligatory stomach photo, Levi and Greta chewing on the same bone…oh so many.

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